With the 2009 Supreme Court ruling of Citizen’s United v. Federal Election Commission, the floodgates have opened for Corporate spending in elections. The only obstacle standing in the way of, quite frankly, a permanent Republican majority, is the ability of labor unions to participate in election campaigns. Which is why John Heileman’s (National Affairs Editor of New York Magazine, appearing on Bill Maher February 18, 2011) point is so important. We are amidst a calculated movement to destroy labor unions once and for all. And should this happen, nothing will stand in the way for campaign spending (remember when we used to talk about campaign finance reform?) to favor Republican candidates from here to eternity. In fact, it may already be too late. The real reason for the great 2010 Republican victories? Just look at how much the spending skyrocketed, and this was a midterm election cycle.

Say what you will about union abuses of power, about overpaid union employees, bloated salaries. The “world’s greatest wealth transfer” that took place in the form of the credit bubble and subsequent bailout, came at the expense of pension funds across the nation that assumed they had invested in “Grade A” bonds. Rather than hold firms such as Goldman Sachs accountable, the Republican party has instead turned to the pensioners hurt by this crime, stripping away their salaries, benefits, and future ability to negotiate for fair and equitable treatment.